This page summarizes all of my experience, projects, and work. My resume and latest transcript are available upon request.


  • Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, NY
     Expected Graduation: May 2017
     Cumulative GPA: 3.940
     Computer Science Major GPA: 3.924
     Applied Math & Stats Major GPA: 3.943
     Member of the Honors College and Honors Computer Science Program
     Dean’s List: Fall 2013 to present
  • Paul D. Schreiber High School, Port Washington, NY
     Graduated June 2013
  • University of Konstanz, Konstanz, Germany
     Study abroad for three weeks in August 2015 learning German language
  • Online Classes – Coursera
     Machine Learning by Stanford University
     Object Detection by University of Barcelona
     Big Data Specialization by UC San Diego
     Data Science Specialization by Johns Hopkins University

Technical Skills and Tools

  • Experienced in: Java, Python, Eclipse, Eclipse PyDev
  • Proficient in: C, MATLAB, MySQL, git/GitHub, JSP
  • Also used: Scikit-Learn, R, HTML, CSS, Python Flask, Django, Hadoop


Please see the Projects page for more details.

  • Poetify Poetry Translator, May 2016
  • LiveStock Stock Trading Website, Spring 2016
  • Architecture Analysis Supplements, Winter 2016
  • Moodie Sentiment Analyzer, September 2015
  • Sentiment Analysis Class Project, Spring 2015
  • Machine Learning Neuron Implementation, September 2014
  • Operations Research Senior Project, Spring 2013

Work Experience

Software Engineer Intern | S&P Global Market Intelligence | Jun 2016 – Aug 2016

  • Used Python to create a proof-of-concept Automated Document Parser that extracts information from bond issue documents, allowing analysts to avoid going through hundreds of documents by hand each day
  • Worked on a proof-of-concept machine learning web app that uses K-Nearest Neighbors modeling to identify bonds that should be examined by analysts, whereas currently they go through thousands of bonds by hand each day
  • Utilized Python Flask, scikit-learn, and some AngularJS
  • Researched and gave a 30 min presentation on the system design of StackOverflow

Pink Gloves Boxing Instructor | Stony Brook University Campus Recreation Center | Feb 2016 – Present

  • Spring 2016 – Taught two Tier I Pink Gloves Boxing fitness classes at the campus recreation center (one hour each)
  • Teach punches, special moves, and combos to students
  • Lead warm ups and make sure that students are performing exercises correctly so as not to hurt themselves
  • Hold mitts to work one-on-one with students to make sure they understand the moves and are doing them properly
  • Lead test out day
  • Keep records and attendance for classes
  • Obtained certification as an instructor during a training weekend in the Fall 2015 semester

Software Engineer Intern | Applied Visions, Inc. | Dec 2015 – Jan 2016

  • Researched metrics and techniques used in software architecture and quality analysis
  • Used and compared several libraries and applications such as jDSM, JDepend, SonarQube, and also wrote code to supplement their capabilities
  • Ran analyses on two sets of codebases and presented the results
  • Wrote up findings, conclusions, and explanations of the tools and metrics

Research Assistant | Computer Vision Lab, CS Department, Stony Brook University | Oct 2014 – Dec 2015

  • Worked under Dr. Minh Hoai Nguyen toward the goal of detecting human upper bodies in images and videos
  • Used spatial pyramid pooling together with convolutional neural networks
  • Worked in MATLAB and using various libraries and packages such as VLFeat, LIBSVM, and MatConvNet

Ballgirl | US Open Tennis Tournament | Aug – Sept, 2011 & 2012

  • Worked in crews of 5-6 people, sometimes in understaffed crews in which quick adaptability was required

Web Designer | Dec 2010 – Feb 2011

  • Redesigned website from scratch for a lawyer
  • Used HTML, CSS, and some PHP

Extracurricular Activities

Student & Certified Instructor | Pink Gloves Boxing

  • Started taking Pink Gloves Boxing classes in Spring 2015 in Tier I
  • Currently passed the test into Tier IV
  • Obtained Amateur Instructor Certification during a training weekend in Fall 2015
  • Currently working as an instructor on campus(see above Work Experience)

Vice President | Women in Computer Science

  • Currently Vice President; Member since Fall 2013; Secretary 2015-2016 Academic Year
  • As Secretary, maintained records and attendance; organized all material; took minutes at meetings; and drafted and sent out emails to members, officers, professionals, and alumni
  • Planned HackHealth – a one-day, health-themed hackathon on the Stony Brook University Campus
     - Contacted and enlisted companies to collaborate with us
     - Communicated with company representatives to determine and finalize the resources, merchandise, and staff they sent in sponsorship
     - Coordinated with company representatives coming to the event as mentors and judges
     - Collaborated with on-campus organizations: Campus Recreation – Fitness and Wellness; Campus Nutritionist; Counseling and Psychological Services office
     - Obtained yoga and tai-chi instructors to teach a relaxation class in the middle of the event
     - Wrote an informational packet about the event that was distributed to all attendees and company representatives
     - Handled registration, acceptances, and waitlist
     - Organized the judging process, prize categories, and assigned prizes for each category
     - Administrated the event as it happened
  • Elected Vice President in April 2016
  • Currently planning HackHealth again for September 2016, this time also in collaboration with the Campus Career Center
     - Contacted over a dozen more companies and expanded the number of confirmed sponsors, increasing our budget and amount of merchandise for attendees
     - Improved advertising and incorporated attendee feedback to increase the number of registrants to over 130 students for our maximum 70 spots
    • Volunteering

      Volunteer Teaching Assistant

      • Volunteer at Girl Scouts Discover STEM Day, in which a large group of Girl Scouts visited Stony Brook University to learn about various STEM fields
      • Part of a team of volunteers from our Women in Computer Science organization
      • Helped teach the girls about:
         - simple web design with HTML and Google Sites
         - programming using Scratch (a graphical programming language for kids)
         - how to create your own ringtone using GarageBand

      Additional Skills

      • Languages
         Native speaker in: English, Russian, Ukrainian
         Proficient in Spanish; some German