Summer Break!

The semester is officially over! Time for summer break! Gonna relax for like two weeks, and then I start work and studying for the GRE and continue my Coursera classes and anything else I decide to divide my time into…

So a few days ago, I finally finished and turned in my final project for my NLP class. It was a poetry translator, meaning that if you input a prose sentence, it will output a version of that sentence translated to be more poetic. I used Dependency Parsing and a K-Nearest Neighbors classifier for this. I also used the Stanford Lexicalized Parser to create my training and test data sets. The code for all of this is on GitHub in the Poetify repository, which you can get to with a link on the right sidebar of this site. In the coming days, I’ll update the readme for it, and update this site with all that info too.


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