Finals Week in Full Swing

Lots of things to do as the semester draws to a close. Up until last Thursday, my group mates and I were working almost nonstop on our databases project. It was to design a rather rudimentary website for stock trading, with emphasis on the database side and the backend that handled it. We had to learn how to use JSP and JDBC from scratch, since the class didn’t really teach any of that. But we got it done, and I think we got almost a full score, so that’s good. I also took my final exam in that class yesterday, so I’m done with databases for now!

And now I move on to operating systems and NLP. My OS final exam is on Friday, and my NLP final project presentation is next Tuesday. The OS exam will be very difficult, especially since I have figured out that OS is not exactly my jam. And the NLP project won’t be a walk in the park either; I don’t have a partner or group on this one, so I’m left entirely to my own devices.

The NLP project is interesting, though. I went with a project I am calling “Poetify,” and the goal of which is to take in an input sentence and move the words and phrases around to make it sound more poetic. I’m using Python 3, some POS tagging, and a dependency parser based on a PCFG. I’m also using the Stanford Dependency Parser to create my training and testing data. I only have a few days left to work on it, so I best get cracking.


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