I turned in my Part of Speech Tagging homework a couple days ago. I didn’t get to finish it entirely, as I spent a lot of my time trying to debug my taggers, so I didn’t implement any unknown word heuristics as we were supposed to. It’s a shame because I found that part of the assignment most interesting. I was hoping to do something with verb endings (-ed, -ing), popular prefixes and suffixes (-tion, de-, inter-), and try to possibly do something with word roots (such as “dict” in dictionary and contradictory).

I eventually fixed one issue I was having: turns out I was defining my emissions matrices wrong. However, I still couldn’t figure out what was wrong with my implementation of the Viterbi Algorithm. Hopefully, I’ll have time at some point to go back to this and fix it all. I probably won’t for a little while, as I have a bunch of exams coming up all at once and I have to catch up on my Coursera classes.


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